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  • Audosta Ltd is a Commercial UK company working throughout the UK with a number of registered charities to collect clothing to benefit the charities cause.           Read more

What We Do…

We ask residents in the UK to donate their used clothes to help raise funds for each charity using our collection bags.

We aim to raise as much money as possible through your donations to help the relevant charities.

We work hard to provide an excellent service in making your donations count!.

"The full measure of our personal happiness is dictated by how much we offer of ourselves in helping others."
-G. Brian Benson

Children's Hearts Charity

Children’s Hearts Charity was established in October 2000, to help children born with heart defects (CHD), particularly in those countries, where disadvantaged and poor children do not have access to the necessary health services. Read more

Woodlands Cancer Care

Woodlands Cancer Care is a charity run by people who want to help cancer sufferers. In order to do this effectively we realize that the families, friends and carers of the sufferer also need support... Read more

Rags 2 Riches 4 Schools

Rags 2 Riches 4 Schools is an easy, efficient way for your school to earn some much needed cash and, as a real bonus, is a 100% efficient recycling process.

Alternatively if your school likes to give back to the community as well as helping your children, you can select from our list of charities to donate to.

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Please check your charity collection bags before you donate

  • Be wary of leaflets that do not use the words ‘registered charity’ but instead use pictures or wording that give the impression that the appeal is charitable.
  • Be suspicious of any leaflet that does not state the name of the charity your donations will go to - most genuine collections will be raising funds for a specific individually named charity.
  • If you are still unsure about a whether a collection is genuine - for example if it looks unprofessionally produced, is badly written or contains spelling mistakes - try contacting the charity to check that the collection is legitimate.
  • If the leaflet only gives mobile numbers or none at all, it may be a sign that the organisation is not collecting for a real charity - registered charities will be happy to provide contact details and confirm whether a collection is on their behalf or not.
  • Some advertising leaflets will give the impression they are from a charity but provide a company registration number - this is not the same as a charity registration number and may be a sign that the organisation is operating for profit and is not charitable.
  • If you are still concerned that your donations may not reach a registered charity, give directly to your local charity shop or at an official charity clothes collection point.

Be aware! Bogus clothing collections!

The Charity Commission is once again warning people to avoid contributing to clothing collections that appear to be charitable but which aren't. It is reminding them of the advice on how to ensure your donations go to a genuine charity.

The Commission issued its warning after receiving calls from people who had been given misleading leaflets which suggested that the proceeds of a clothing collection would go to charity or charitable causes when in fact they would only benefit a private business or individual. The Commission is also aware of recent cases where fraudsters have used the name, logo and charity registration number of a genuine charity to appeal for donations and keep the profits.

The Commission pointed out that most collections for charities are genuine and provide them with an important source of income, so people should not be discouraged from donating to collections carried out by genuine charities to raise funds for a legitimate charitable cause.

The Commission is issuing the following advice for people who want ensure their donations reach those most in need:

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